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“Making Nature Accessible For Everyone”

All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

RX-01 AWD product


Nosira Explorer

Are you ready for an adventure? Nosira Explorer is a high-powered offroad scooter that will take you through any terrain with its all-wheel drive, independent suspension and high torque motors. The vehicle is fully electric and will give you a driving experience like nothing else in its class.

With its luxury leather seat, large wheels and modern design you will definately call attention while driving through both the city and the countryside.

15 km/h


1800 W

24V | 100 Ah

80 km range

30° climb

All-Terrain Mobility Scooter

What We Build

Doesn’t anyone have the right to enjoy nature? At Nosira we believe that you should be able to enjoy nature regardless of your age or disabilities. We specialize in designing, building, and distributing all-terrain mobility scooters that will take you on amazing adventures. Our vehicles can ride in the forest, on the beach and even in the snow during winter. Take back your freedom today!

RX-01 AWD product
RX-01 AWD product

A Family Owned Business

Who We Are

Get to know the driving force behind our company. We are a team of two brothers fulfilling the idea of our beloved grandfather. He had a chronic lung disease and was tied to his mobility scooter on his last days. He wanted to spend more time in nature but was not able to access the places he wanted to go with his regular scooter. 

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Battery range
RX-01 AWD product